Six women with endless ideas and unbound aspirations: UBTMS-CDHI inspires entrepreneurial innovations

On August 31st, months of hard work culminated at the Women Entrepreneur Innovation Awards Programme’s award ceremony, co-organised by the Centre for the Development of Human Initiatives (CDHI) and Uttar Bango Terai Mahila Samitee (UBTMS). The 500+ seats were completely full and there was standing room only for later arrivals. Two women from the DSI4MTF sites Uttar Chakuakheti and Dhaloguri competed, showcasing their “solutions to emerging issues.” The attached article by Mitali Ghosh and Dhananjay Ray demonstrates the strengthening of institutions and value chains and the empowerment of women within these sites. In the words of Professor Rajeshwar, in attendance, “self-efficacy is what would make the difference. The route to gender equality is challenging but innovation and efficacy may make the route easier.” Indeed, the pride on the women’s faces speaks volumes to how encouraging innovation and unleashing aspiration and action may help in developing self-efficacy and well being.

Read the full article here.


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