Biophysical Data Collection with Janaki

Meet Janaki, our project field assistant in Saptari in Nepal. Janaki has been working hard in the DSI4MTF project to collect a range of biophysical data. Each week she collects rainfall and evaporation data to help us understand the changing crop water and irrigation requirements. She is also responsible for collecting data on the depth of water in the village tubewells and ponds so that we can assess the seasonality of the ground and surface water resource.

Cultivating diversity: Scientists help nurture the roots

Dhananjay Ray, Rupak Sarkar, Ranjit Chatterjee and Subrata Majumdar

CDHI and UBKV have been leading a dynamic process of engagement with the communities of Uttar Chakwakheti (UC) West Bengal. The attached article demonstrates the importance of the engagement process, and how technological improvements are now building confidence in marginal and small farmer collectives. The process of engagement at UC, facilitated by CDHI and UBKV gives a powerful message on the benefits, when research teams and communities work together, for a common goal. The intervention although in its infancy sends a strong policy message.


Demonstration of INM practices

Cultivating diversity (PDF 1.1M)