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SRA DRAFT Final Report 30 September

Project Report 1: Institutions, Collectives and Engagement

Project Report 2: Saptari Institutional Mapping

Project Report 3: West Bengal Institutional Mapping

Project Report 4: Madhubani Bihar Institutional Mapping

Project Report 5: Assessment of Scaling for Smart Irrigation Toolkit

Experiments in farmers’ collectives in Eastern India and Nepal: Process, benefits, and challenges

DSI4MTF Summary Booklet

LWR2012079 Final Report September 2019

LWR201279 Final Report Appendices September 2019

Community engagement for greater participation: UC comes full circle (PDF 1MB)

Community engagement for greater participation: UC comes full circle (MP4 7MB)

Fact Sheet lwr2012-79 (PDF 2MB)

Information Sheet July 2016 lwr2012-79 (PDF 1MB)

Project Update December 2016 (PDF 1MB)

Report 1: Village characterization and agrarian relations (PDF 1MB)

Report 2: Socio-economic context and institutional constraints to sustainable water use in Eastern Gangetic Plains (PDF 2MB)

Report 3: Gendered access to water resources within the feminization of agriculture (PDF 1MB)

Report 4: Participatory Gender Training for Community Groups (PDF 9MB)

Report 5: Utilisation of residual soil moisture through relay cropping (PDF 1MB)

Report 6: Community Engagement Perspectives Processes and Practices (PDF 2MB)

Report 7: Economic feasibility of irrigation (technology) interventions: review of concepts and case studies with typical irrigation interventions (PDF 1MB)

Report 8: Inequitable land relations in Eastern Gangetic Plains and the case for tenant collectives (PDF 1MB)

Report 9: Analysis of climate change perception, vulnerability of households and adaptation strategies in Eastern Gangetic Plains (PDF 1MB)

Report 10: The power of the marginal local institutions and innovations are the key (PDF 1MB)

Report 11: Occurrence and extend of arsenic and fluoride contamination in groundwater in selected districts of Eastern Ganges Basin (PDF 1MB)

Report 12: DSI4MTF’s partners’ meet and collective reflection (PDF 2MB)

Report 13: Key constraints and collective action challenges for groundwater governance in the Eastern Gangetic Plains (PDF 1MB)

Report 15: Assessing value chain opportunities for smallholder vegetable growers in Eastern Gangetic Plains (PDF 1MB)

Report 16: A report on the bio-physical intervention in protected cultivation of crops at Dhalaguri and Uttar Chokowakheti villages (PDF 1MB)

Report 16: Prospects of protected cultivation in North Bengal for off-season vegetable production

Report 17: Agricultural innovations for water security in North West Bangladesh from institutional, gender, food and livelihood security perspectives (PDF 1MB)

Report 18: Irrigated Agriculture in northwest region of Bangladesh 

Report 19: Electric resistivity survey in Kanakpatti VDC of Saptari District (PDF 2MB)

Report 20: Is solar pumping technology a viable solution for irrigation system in Nepal Terai Plain

Report 21: Pond and groundwater resources for irrigation intensification (PDF 2MB)

Report 22: Improving dry season irrigation for marginal and tenant farmers in the Eastern Gangetic Plains – A Set of Case Studies (PDF 2MB)

Project 23: Irrigation technology interventions for improving water use efficiency in the northwest region of Bangladesh

A Compilation of Case Studies Volume 1 (PDF 1MB)

A Compilation of Case Studies Volume 2 (PDF 2MB)

A Compilation of Case Studies Volume 3 (PDF 1MB)

ACIAR Collectives policy brief (PDF 1MB)

Information Sheet Oct 2018 (PDF 1MB)

Technical Note No 1 Decision support tools and Mobile Apps (PDF 1MB)

Technical Note No 2 – Irrigation Scheduling Plan (PDF 1MB)

Technical Note No 3 – DSI Scheduler (PDF 1MB)