Site selection well under way

Now that project agreements are getting signed off we are progressing into the important phase of final site selection

The Process being followed has been:

Part 1 village shortlisting. This was undertaken by IWMI and USQ as trial during September visits and is continuing through Regional Partners and IWMI. Short listing is based on local knowledge, a brief visit and understanding of project requirements.  We are targeting SRFSI sites where possible.

Part 2 Data collection and assessment: To be completed Nov/Dec. Site selection Questionnaires are being distributed and will be completed for each site by Partners and IWMI staff. After completion of questionnaire this is run through a ranking tool to help guide selection.

Part 3 Report compilation and Finalization of Sites : Finally a brief report is prepared from the questionnaire response. The report and outcome of the ranking will determine final village selection. IWMI and project partner satff will visit all proposed sites to finalise site selection by end January and commence engagement for planning interventions.


Site slelection visit September 2014 in West Bengal