Farmer groups receive new shallow tube wells from Ground Water Resources Development Board (GWRDB)

Women in Saptari carry newly received PVC shallow tube wells.

DSI4MTF farmer groups in the Saptari district of Nepal installed new shallow tube wells in their communities. Both farmer groups – Koiladi and Kanakpati – received the new shallow tube wells after filing a request for them with the District Agriculture Development Office (DADO) as per the notice published by the Ground Water Resource Development Board (GWRDB). GWRDB Naktajhij decided to provide two sets of shallow tube wells to both DSI4MTF sites and to pay for their installation costs. The community groups, however, will have to bear the cost of changing their type of pump (diesel or electric) and meter if necessary.  Both farmer groups have already been given the boring material. In each site, farmer groups are expected to conduct meetings soon to decide where to install the new system and how to fund maintenance, electrical costs, fuel costs, and operation costs.

This article was prepared by Water Resources Engineer at iDE, Rabindra Karki.

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