Irrigation System Performance Assessments in Saptari

Irrigation System Performance assessments were recently conducted in Saptari (Nepal). These assessments investigated the Distribution Uniformity on the drip and micro sprinkler irrigation systems, and the performance of the micro-solar and electric pumps. These assessments are important to help the farmers manage their water and energy use.

Ensuring that the system is operating evenly and efficiently keeps the operating costs associated with irrigation to a minimum. This video shows the farmer groups participating in the data collection to help them understand the importance of system maintenance and matching irrigation application with crop water requirement.

Calculating the Distribution Uniformity of an irrigation system is a simple test that can be undertaken with minimal equipment. The training sheet below provides an example and instruction on  how to perform the test and also the calculation sheet for determining the system Distribution Uniformity.

Click to watch the video or download the training sheet on Calculating the Uniformity of Drip Irrigation